With decades of experience in the cafe business, Fiona and the team can offer expert advice on everything from designing and starting up a cafe to refreshing or rebooting your business. We also offer barista training as well as owner and leadership coaching to help you get the most from your cafe, and along with our network of collaborators we can help you with every aspect of your business, from marketing and social media to business analysis


Learn techniques to increase the average spend per transaction, increase frequency of visits by your customers, gain new customers and create new revenue streams. In this analysis we strength test your sales team through a ‘secret shopper’ visit to your cafe, then follow up with a 2 hour workshop with your team to develop their skills as sales people.

What You Get

  • Intensive workshop for up to 12 staff
  • Detailed report on specific strategies and actions to grow your sales
  • Analysis of your sales team based on 'secret shopper' store visit
  • Analysis of your cafe’s store-based sales opportunities
  • Assessment of potential new revenue streams
  • 3 month action plan to achieve sales targets


Customer experience is the primary driver of successful cafes, and we can create a customised workshop with a combination of the following:

  • First impressions, café presentation and customer touchpoint optimisation
  • Customer engagement strategy development
  • Product offering and design
  • Staff CX training
  • Developing your story