Cafe Minding

Cafe Minding Service
We understand the stresses involved in leaving your cafe to take a break. We can help by looking after all aspects of running your business while you're away, from daily operations to accounts and payroll to running marketing initiatives and events.


Fiona has owned and operated four successful cafes before starting her own cafe consulting business to help other cafe owners. She is skilled in all areas of cafe operation from the coffee machine and front of house service to kitchen and back of house operations. Cafe Lab also draws on a team of experienced professionals to look help after other aspects such as business operations and marketing.


Cafe Lab's service options are flexible and can include

  • Overseeing your team at key times
  • 24/7 on call
  • Running the show (fully operational)
  • Managing financials including accounts, administration and payroll
  • Managing social media, events and marketing initiatives
  • Developing team around salesmanship, customer service, product development, teamwork

We can design a custom package suited to your needs