Cafe Support

With decades of experience in the cafe business, Fiona and the team can offer expert advice on everything from designing and starting up a cafe to refreshing or rebooting your business. We also offer barista training as well as owner and leadership coaching to help you get the most from your cafe, and along with our network of collaborators we can help you with every aspect of your business, from marketing and social media to business analysis.

CPR (Café Performance Reviver)

We stress test your cafe based on 5 core elements: People, Product, Process, Promotion and Profitability (5Ps)

What You Get:

  • Detailed report and action plan based on the 5Ps, prioritised and presented so that it can be implemented by you and your team, any skilled hospitality professional, or in full/in part by the Cafe Lab consultants
  • One on One skills assessment of the owner and 2 key staff, along with a general assessment of all staff, with recommendations for improvements in order of priority
  • General SWOT analysis of the business
  • Advice and proposed actions based on any further areas that we deem to be a priority to improve your business
  • Follow up meeting to check in on your progress


We understand the stresses involved in leaving your business, whether it's for a day or a month, and we can help. Our options are flexible and can include:

  • Overseeing your team at key times of the day or week
  • 24/7 on call
  • Running the show (fully operational)
  • Managing financials including accounts, administration and payroll
  • Managing social media, events and marketing initiatives
  • Developing teams around salesmanship, customer service, product development and teamwork

*Minimum 1 day, up to 4 weeks


Suited to owners, managers and team leaders. We can tailor a program specifically for your needs, including:

  • One-on-one mentoring and coaching for business owners (including high level strategy development and goal setting)
  • Leadership coaching for managers
  • Team building and training workshops
  • Customer experience and service coaching
  • Maximising sales in table or counter service scenarios


Tailored packages to ensure your store opening is a success, including;

  • Setting up and programing your machine
  • Creating and implementing an espresso recipe
  • Setting up systems, workflows and SOPs to maximise efficiencies
  • Barista team training
  • Floor staff training
  • Lead barista coaching
  • Skills assessments
  • Coffee menu design
  • On site support for opening shifts
  • Pre-emptive training
  • Opening day support


Our team have been involved in the design, build and/or renovation of numerous cafes over the last 15 years. We can put together a custom consultancy package to help you get your cafe off the ground, including:

  • Assessment of potential sites
  • Cafe design and set up
  • Project management
  • Marketing and business strategy
  • Branding
  • Staffing
  • Menu design and implementation
  • Choosing the right coffee company
  • Espresso recipe development and training
  • Venue launch facilitation and support
  • Operational systems implementation


We can help you to develop and implement a marketing and social media strategy for your business, including:

  • Content creation
  • Digital marketing
  • Branding and style guides
  • Local area marketing
  • Loyalty programs
  • Traditional marketing
  • Event activation
  • Support and training for self management of social media